News and Activities in Europe

24-hour-Nenbutsu in Kyoto
25th/26th Sept., 2021 (online)

On September 25 to 26, 2021, the next 24-hour-Nonstop-Nenbutsu will be held in Kyoto. Jodo Shu Europe will join on Sept. 25 for one hour from 16h to 17h CET. Please find more detailed information about how to access etc., at this link:

24 Hour Nenbutsu Recitation in Kyoto

The 5th International Nenbutsu-Recitation „C.N.I“ on Nov. 13, 2021

The 5th International Nenbutsu-Recitation will be hosted by our Dharma friends of Jodo Shu Hawaii on November 13th, 2021, in the late evening for participants from Europe (from 11pm to 12pm CET). Please find more details to download here:

Words of Buddha

From: „The Immeasurable Life Sûtra as expounded by the Buddha“:*
8. Vow of Knowing the Hearts of Others
After I have attained buddhahood, should the mortals and celestials in my land not attain the wisdom of seeing into the hearts of others, and not know the hearts and thoughts of sentient beings extending to hundres of thousands of hundred millions of vast numbers of buddha lands, then may I not attain perfect enlightenment.“

The 8th Vow of Amida Buddha

* from: „The Three Pure Land Sûtras. The Principle of Pure Land Buddhism“, Jodo Shu Press Tokyo 2014: p. 72.

The new magazine of Jodo Shu:
„Honen“ as pdf-download

The new English-speaking magazine „Honen“ of Jodo Shu can now be downloaded here as pdf-file:

Next International Nenbutsu Recitation online on July 17, 2021

On July 17 (Sat) from 16h CET, the next C.N.I. („Chanting Nenbutsu Internationally“) will be held online via Zoom. This time, it will be hosted by our Jôdo Shû European Center for Buddhism. For details and login codes, please click HERE .

The Rainbow Sticker by the Japan Buddhist Federation

Press release by the JBF and the sticker to download: