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Next International Nenbutsu Recitation online on July 17, 2021

On July 17 (Sat) from 16h CET, the next C.N.I. („Chanting Nenbutsu Internationally“) will be held online via Zoom. This time, it will be hosted by our Jôdo Shû European Center for Buddhism. For details and login codes, please click HERE .

Words of Buddha (5th June, 2021)

From: „The Immeasurable Life Sûtra as expounded by the Buddha“:*
“ Seeing the old, the sick, and the dead, the bodhisattva realizes the impermanence of the mundane world and renounces kingdom, wealth, and throne to enter the mountains and study the path. The bodhisattva instructs the return of the horse the bodhisattva had ridden and the crown and jewels the bodhisattva had possessed. The bodhisattva discards magnificent apparel to don the garb of an ascetic, shaves head and face of hair, sits upright below a tree, and suffers hardship for six years in ascetic practice as befitting. Having become manifest in this world of the five corruptions, the bodhisattva appears sullied in line with other living beings and cleanses by bathing in a golden stream (1). A celestial deity bends down a tree branch so that the bodhisattva may climb up from the pool and divine birds flock together to escort the bodhisattva to the seat of awakening.“ 

(1) The five corruptions are the corruption of the age, the corruption of views, the corruption of virtue, the corruption of human character, and the corruption of shortening lifespans.

* from: „The Three Pure Land Sûtras. The Principle of Pure Land Buddhism“, Jodo Shu Press Tokyo 2014: p. 58f.

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